Project Consultation & Services

100% Client Satisfaction Rate

We have a consistent track record to prove our value. Every crypto project has needs which are different and they are all unique in their own way. Although we never employ the same rigid framework, we have a consistent formula to creating value.

We help companies and organizations pursuing projects in the digital assets, distributed ledger, and blockchain space. Whether it is a permissioned blockchain or a smart contract platform, we have the experience and expertise you need.

Pre-launch Services

  • Idea structuring

  • Gauging Market temperament

  • Organizing community channels

  • Pairing with proper legal help

  • Pairing with proper incorporation structures

  • Setting up initial exchanges

  • Market making structure

  • Putting your project in front of investor Syndicates

Post-launch Services

  • Introduction to more exchanges

  • Smart contract development

  • Smart contract auditing

  • Traditional media recognition

  • Sentiment management

  • PR management

We are highly selective with the projects we take on. Aim for an introduction for better chances of collaboration.